About Us

Hosts DC is creative, steadfast, and loyal to our clients and suppliers. It is our job to make you look good and that’s exactly what we do. Consistency, integrity, excellence, meticulousness, accountability, and collaboration are trademarks of the Hosts Destination Services.

We are different from our competitors in many ways but the following values have overwhelmingly contributed to our success:

  • Represent the client’s best interest. We are an extension of our customer, his/her representative in Washington DC.
  • Remain impartial. We are able to remain unbiased since we do not own our equipment, nor do we endorse a particular vendor or venue.
  • Exceed expectations. We go above and beyond on client requests and demands.
  • Teamwork. We know what it takes to get the job completed correctly and our managers and travel directors work together to ensure program success.

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Principles of Excellence

As a member of Hosts Global, we uphold these principles to ensure consistent service for our clients at every stage of our partnership.


Dedicated Account Management -  A Hosts global liaison serves as your single point of contact and client advocate to streamline planning from destination to destination.


Reliable Site Inspections - Hosts provides full disclosure of potential costs and how those costs become credits once you've selected us as your partner.


Qualified Local DMC Members -  Hosts conducts annual due diligence of our global alliance members to ensure top notch service, plus the owner/DMC operator is available to you 24 hours a day during your program's operation.


Accurate Billing & Fiscal Management -  Hosts ensures attention to detail and prompt delivery even after your program has ended. Our global liaisons provide fiscal tracking to streamline planning for your next destination.